Recipients Stories

HCIA members have approved hearing aid applications and, as a result, hearing aids have been fitted for applicants across Australia.  Here are a few testimonials. We are looking forward to receiving further applications

“I have just reviewed Warren following his fitting in July 2015. He is really thrilled with the hearing aids and can’t believe how much more he is hearing. He is deeply grateful for the assistance he has received.” Quote from the referring audiologist.


“To answer the more important question: Do the hearing aids actually make any difference for me?  The answer to that i2.jpgs a big “Yes” for multiple reasons.  First, the pair is way better than my old hearing aids and I’m finding much improved speech comprehension in most situations.  I’ve been able to easily follow conversations that used to give me trouble.  Secondly, I finally have a pair of hearing aids that match my loss levels in both ears.  Thanks to this, when I’m in a quiet environment I can actually hear some speech sounds in my left ear alone if the noise source is close enough.  Finally, on top of them being both more powerful and correct for my loss, they’re also smaller and more discrete than my last CIC’s which is just the icing on the cake for me.

As a result of all this, I am feeling much happier and much more confident in general.  Now I’m finding I can communicate in most situations much better than I ever have before at any other stage of my life and this has given me such a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind that I am just so grateful I have been able to get these new hearing aids.  I look forward to social situations again, I’m no longer having to ask everyone to repeat words as often, I’m not overly concerned about going to job interviews anymore and now I am actually looking forward to getting back to classroom study again since I now feel confident I’ll be able to join in and have a positive experience there.3

So these new hearing aids do mean a lot to me as they’re giving me many benefits and I am very happy with them.

Finally as promised, I’ve attached a coup  le of photos for you guys.  First is one of my hearing aids.  Secondly, I included a side-view showing how hard it is to actually see them in my
ears (my old CIC’s were slightly more visible than these ones).  And lastly, there’s one of me giving you 2 thumbs-up because I think the concept of Hearing Aid Bank is awesome… not only for me, but also for anyone else in a similar situation as me who might need that little extra bit of help.  You guys are legends!

So once again, to everyone at Hearing Aid Bank, thank you very much!  Your support is much appreciated J”